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Using brick accents in photo studios

A couple of weeks ago, a developer asked a client to take photos of some warehouses.  The buildings were on a street that had a lonely, barren industrial look.  The structures were huge, boxy structures. No ornamentation. No interesting ironwork or mullioned windows. But the warehouses were brick.

After the initial feeling that the shoot would be kind of boring, she noticed that the builder or architect who designed the buildings gave each window and door a brick border that contrasted with the exterior walls. While she stood off the highway shooting great big brick rectangles, she began to really notice things that were outstanding.

Through the lens the bricks took on character. Some were oddly shaped as if they were broken or incorrectly molded. Some of the bricks were deep red; while others ochre or sienna. The textures of the bricks differed as did the mortar between them.

Bricks are as interesting as any objects if you look closely. The variation of texture, color, symmetry and the patterns that bricks create when laid together is amazing.

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